your highest purpose

Consciously participate in your evolution

There is a wave of consciousness that is currently sweeping the world. More and more people are feeling an inner yearning to connect to something much deeper within life.

This wave of consciousness is leaving people with a sense of disconnect, feeling lost, a need to do something but not knowing what it is, or a drive to explore something,

Conscious coaching is about embracing your inner wisdom and living a life in alignment with that wisdom. When we embrace this way of living we start to dance with the universe. We truly hold in our hearts that the universe is here for us, not against us.

Conscious coaching

We all feel a deep inner calling to live a life of purpose and to awaken our highest potential. Consciously taking part in the ever-unfolding evolutionary plan means you can creatively participate in building your path of destiny. When we truly grasp that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world we will begin to realise the true power we have to change the world we live in.

Evolving Consciousness

Take responsibility for your life and awaken to your truth, natural gifts and talents and be of service to the evolution of humanity. 

Relational Consciousness

Enrich your relationships in both personal life and work life. Be present and available to what truth is asking of you in each moment of being of service. 

Business Consciousness

Business as well as people need to evolve, let your business be part of your own evolution and awaken the gifts and talents of others. 

Simon Bailey

Simon is a consciousness coach who works with those who are ready to look deep inside themselves to find what they need to navigate life.

Simon has the remarkable ability of deep listening, not just to words spoken but to the consciousness of your inner being, enabling him to gently guide you to the truth of what is really moving, and to that which will serve the evolution of your soul.

Those who work with Simon on an ongoing basis will experience the impeccable timing and simplicity at which Simon operates, he has no agenda other than to serve the truth and consciousness of the moment and will always guide you towards your own inner wisdom.


Over the last 4 years I have experienced periods of extreme trauma and personal loss . As a high achieving individual who has always been able to ‘fix anything’, to face a series of events which I couldn’t fix ( and boy I tried….) resulted in depression/ high anxiety.

I had been fortunate to have worked with a respected trauma specialist before meeting Simon and in addition during my business career, many highly experienced corporate coaches to boot. None of them have come close to Simon. It would entirely correct to say that I have been able to undertake a complete personal transformation through his coaching. His insights / advice are highly personalised, accurate, timely and delivered in an incredibly supportive way. And the extra win? By transforming myself and getting truly happy - the impact on my children’s happiness factor / confidence levels has been nothing short of extraordinary too.
Wendy Dickson
Mrs Darlingtons