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Contruction Linx 

Good afternoon Simon

I just wanted to take the time to send this written testimonial as I feel compelled to put pen to paper and thank you sincerely for the help and support you’ve provided over the last few months.

As you know, since meeting at a mutual friends wedding some 3 years ago and having had the privilege of sitting next to you and Katie during the ceremony. Ever since we connected on what you might you call a spiritual level I always hoped we would meet again so I could find out a little more about how are you make life look so easy.

Fast forward some months later I am truly mesmerised and full of both gratitude and appreciation for the friendship that we have garnered. Through our regular sessions you have helped me to challenge my own thoughts on what spiritual practice is as well as have a deeper understanding as to what living in the “now” can actually mean.

Given my mind runs 1,000,000 miles an hour I find that as soon as I pass the threshold of the Navitas centre that a sudden yet calming stillness passes over me so that we can talk on a deeper level about all things life…….and sometimes even death.

Words, feelings and emotions are sometimes difficult to come by, especially when conversations move across different planes and into what some people may describe as a “awakened connection”.

All I know is that you have a very calming influence over me, provide light in what can be perceived as darkness and even hope that there is indeed a very positive, if not mysterious world and life to be lived.

Please accept these words as a token of my total appreciation and sincere appreciation. I consider myself truly blessed to have crossed paths with you and to consider you a friend.

I find the best kind of friendships are the ones you never expected to experience and where truth, honesty and transparency are the only values that matter.

Your sincerely


Mark Evans


Having faced a number of personal and professional challenges during a torrid 36 month period in my life, I realised that I was struggling to manage my own thoughts, feelings and ultimately my behaviour which had for a long time impacted my approach to others, but arrogantly I had let it continue. So, with some help from friends I took the decision to look for a coach/counsellor/friend.

In Simon I found all of the capability I needed, a strong listener, a reflective thinker and an unapologetic reflector, something I needed desperately. After around 2-3 years of seeing Simon every 4-6 weeks I found a clarity of understanding, a patience and greater willingness to listen but more importantly a confidence driven by a much stronger and developed level of emotional intelligence.

I was doubtful that such a person or process would aide me, but I cannot deny that since I started my relationship with Simon I have grown personally, professionally and am experiencing a level of happiness and fulfilment I have longed for.

Sharlene Nelson


Simon I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your on going guidance and support.
The breakthroughs I have experienced over the years, have been possible because of the space you hold for me during our coaching seasons.
You’ve been the guiding light that helped me to discover I have a light of own.
You have a way of being genuine, open and dedicated during each session, and every session is always exactly what I need. You have an intuition in your service to others that inspires me.

The path to truth and self discovery is one that has many twist and turns, there are many different moments and many different emotions. I know however deep I’m willing to delve, you are right with me.

The true outcomes of our sessions are immeasurable. I am transforming more and more and your support and guidance transforms with me.

You are gifted and it’s an honour to share space with you.

Wether I have a session every month, 6 months or a year passes. I know I have a coach, mentor and friend who will support my growth in this wonderful journey we call life.

Looking forward to many more amazing sessions.


Cheryl Jackson

When I went to see Simon for the first time, I had no idea what to expect and what ‘problem’ I was really trying to fix. All I knew was that I was constantly searching for happiness and thinking that I would find it the more I achieved in life. But despite achieving lots of things, I was still missing something. A friend had recommended Simon and I now know that I was meant to meet him and do the work on myself that I have done over the last couple of years, with Simon as a guide in the process.

I learn something new about myself at every single coaching session – or to put it better, I awaken more each session! Simon listens without judgement and helps me to identify deep rooted patterns of thinking or behaviour that are holding me back from being my true self. And offers techniques for how I can practically change through awareness, acceptance and gratitude.

I feel there is so much more to know and understand (and I will continue to explore this with Simon in future) but what I have learnt so far through our sessions has massively improved the quality of my life. I am much happier in myself and this in turn has had a noticeable, positive effect on what happens in the world around me.

I really couldn’t recommend Simon enough. In fact, I do recommend him to friends and family on a regular basis!